What NYSNLA's Advocacy Committee has been working on lately:

Changes to dig811 regulations: The Committee supports adding lawn aeration, edging planting beds, injection fertilization of trees, airspading of trees and shrubs, and other low-impact lawn care and landscaping practices to the list of activities exempt from dig811 procedures. The Committee has enlisted the help of Jeff Williams from the New York Farm Bureau to draft legislation making this change and seek sponsors in the state Legislature.

Fertilizer/pesticide BMP document for landscape professionals: The New York Alliance for Environmental Concerns (NYAFEC) is seeking $250,000 from the state Legislature to fund the creation of a document on Best Management Practices for fertilizer and pesticide use by landscape professionals. This document would be similar, but far larger in scope, to the BMP document created for the state’s golf course industry in 2014.

NYAFEC has asked NYSNLA to support its effort to obtain this funding. In February, the Advocacy Committee recommended to the Board of Directors that NYSNLA sign a letter of support for the BMP document, and the board agreed.

The Advocacy Committee serves as NYSNLA's eyes and ears on government decisions that affect the green industry -- and your wallet. Advocacy requires more than eyes and ears, though; it needs voices! Please make your voice heard to your local and state representatives on issues that matter to you and your business. Visit these pages for updates, and contact Advocacy Committee Chair Melissa Daniels, CNLP to learn more.