NYSNLA awards its highest honor, the George L. Good Gold Medal of Horticulture, to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to horticulture in the state of New York.

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Deadline to submit nominations is now September 18, 2020.   

Dr. George Lawrence Good spent his entire career on the Department of Horticulture faculty at Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. He was an active, engaged member of NYSNLA and received the Gold Medal of Horticulture himself in 1997. After his death in 2008, the award was rechristened the George L. Good Gold Medal of Horticulture in his honor.

Dan GilreinDaniel O. Gilrein is the 2019 George L. Good Gold Medal of Horticulture winner. Dan is an Extension Entomologist and former NYS Integrated Pest Management Specialist who also serves as the Associate Agricultural Program Director at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County.

Dan "has been the ‘go-to’ extension entomologist at Cornell Cooperative Extension in Suffolk County and the Long Island Horticultural Research and Extension Center for many years," noted Donna Moramarco, CNLP, who nominated him for the honor. "Well-rounded, he works with nursery growers, landscape professionals, as well as the floriculture industry and other agriculture producers. He’s been on staff for over 30 years (and is) well respected and liked by all."

Dan provides insect diagnostic services, maintains a research program, provides educational programs, annually updates the Cornell Pest Management Guidelines for Commercial Production and Maintenance of Trees and Shrubs, and is co-editor of Cornell’s Branching Out newsletter.

Dan's other honors include the Prestigious Scholar Award, NYS Arborists, ISA Chapter (2003); Excellence in IPM Award from Cornell University (2006); H. T. Streu Meritorious Service Award from the Eastern Branch – Entomological Society of America (2012); Long Island Farm Bureau's Citizen Award (2014); and an Award of Merit from the Central Pine Barrens Joint Planning and Policy Commission (2019).

He holds a bachelor's degree in forest biology from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and a master's degree in pest management from Cornell.

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                                                         2019 - Daniel O. Gilrein