NYSNLA Hall of Fame inductees are individuals who have made outstanding and unselfish contributions to the nursery industry in the state of New York.


Jim PresuttiJim Presutti, Lifetime CNLP is the 2018 NYSNLA Hall of Fame inductee. Jim has been active in NYSNLA for many years. He is a past president of the state association and currently serves on the board of the New York State Nurserymen's Foundation. He has been a CNLP since 1987 and a Lifetime CNLP since 2014. Jim is also a Certified Arborist.

Since 2000, Jim has been the owner of Hudson Valley Horticultural Services in Newburgh, NY. He began his career in the green industry after earning his forestry degree from Paul Smith's College in 1981. He has done landscaping, pest control, timber marking, forestry mapping, and lawn care, but in more recent years, he has returned to his first love -- trees -- and has become highly respected as a pre-eminent "tree doctor" in New York state and beyond.

"I decided to focus on trees and shrubs, and develop a holistic approach to plant health that incorporates the entire gamut of tree-care methods," he wrote on his company's website. "My life's work has always been to help the trees,'' he says, "just like Dr. Seuss' Lorax."

Jim regularly puts his knowledge to work in his community. On Arbor Day, he visits schools to teach children about trees. He has a special fondness for East Coldenham Elementary School, which he and his children attended. He created a memorial garden on campus and helps the students plant trees in honor of retiring teachers.

Jim is a man of many talents. He played multiple sports in school and was also a race-car driver. He is a talented chef who shares his skills -- and his famous homemade Italian sausage -- with his fellow NYSNLA members at the annual Nurserymen's Foundation picnic.

In nominating Jim for the Hall of Fame, Donna Moramarco, CNLP, another past president and Hall of Famer, wrote, "Jim has worked tirelessly for the State Association -- on its executive board as state president and its other offices, in his region, and for the entire membership for many years. His travels across NYS to attend regional education days, board and strategic planning meetings, and other events to benefit the Association have been an unwavering mainstay of his dedication."

"When I think of Jimmy, I think of character," said Jerry Parmenter, Senior CNLP and fellow past president, who presented him with the Hall of Fame honor. "He does what he says he's going to do, and he always puts his family first. His dedication and professionalism within our association and our green industry as a whole during his career have been profound."


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